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About Agriburbia

Agriburbia® is an innovative and growing design movement that integrates aspects of agrarianism with land development. Agriburbia includes characteristics of New Urbanism, modernism and historic preservation, and other environmentally sustainable principles of real estate development.

Agriburbia® is an economic and cultural model
developed by The TSR Group of Golden, Colorado.

The TSR Group was founded in 1997 in Golden, Colorado where it is currently headquartered. The firm is comprised of employees who are Planning and Design, Development Management, Natural Resource, GIS, CAD and Software Engineering experts. TSR offers unique spatial information methodologies and outstanding professional design services to the land development industries that increase project efficiency, improve design quality and reduce costs by centralizing and standardizing project information.

TSR Group offers services in the following areas:

  • Development Integration / Coordination and Managment
  • Design and Planning
  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental and Real Estate Litigation Support
  • Geographic / Spatial Information Services

TSR has developed many specific value added methods for improving the quality and efficiency of the Land and Water or Real Estate industries. These innovative ideas include such things as the Geographic Design Library™ and Agriburbia®.

The Geographic Design Library™ (GDL) is central to TSR's ability to efficiently manage projects. Data collection, analysis and distribution are the three key elements of any project whether it is a 300-acre development or a visualization study for a mining operation. Managing data in and out of the GDL enables efficient, accurate and complete support for any project.

The GDL supports the end-to-end demand for integrated land, financial and project management information with the analysis and decision support functionality large-scale developments require.

With America's growing obsession with farmer's markets, organic food and eating local, and its not-so-new obsession with living near a golf course or open space, now is the time for Agriburbia.


The Agriburbia Story

Early Years
Both Quint and Jenny grew up with their hands in the dirt growing things; involved in farming. They lived Agriburbia before they defined it.
Quint worked his way through graduate school by working on farms and ranches in northern CO near Sterling. He experienced irrigation and the value of water to the land.
Quint and Jenny meet in graduate school studying Environmental Planning.
The couple restores a 1906 Victorian home in Northwest Denver, installing 12 zone drip irrigation system. Significant portions of their own food is grown on a 65 x 125 foot urban lot.
The first business plan is written for itinerate farming, similar to a lawn service. No way to fund the business plan, everyone thought it was silly.
The TSR Group Inc. is started out of the extra bedroom in the basement of their home with money borrowed against their 401k. TSR Group concentrates on design and planning with an emphasis on technologies such as Geographic Information Systems.
Developed the Geographic Design LibraryTM spatial database to support sustainable development (although we did not call it that back then) This manages all the of the data and decision support for all levels of development from small to master planned communities. We have supported developments in various stages all over the world.
1999 - 2001
Developed TerraCentra Suite of design tools that integrate CAD GIS and other softwares.
ESRI New Biz partner of the year
Designed built and deployed a spatially based system to train drivers and provide security for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.
The TSR Group moves from downtown Denver to the western suburbs. They purchase a 2 acre suburban property for steward farming and live Agriburbia.
TSR gets the first opportunity to work on a large scale integrated agriculture project in Northern CO.
Coined the term Agriburbia.
2005 - 2007
TSR develops Agriburbia into a full scale design methodology and economic system.
TSR first Agriburbia design project is platted but left unbuilt waiting for funding.
TSR engaged for second large 3000 acre master planned community for Agriburbia design consulting.
Spring launch of first Agriburbia website to put landowners, capital and water together for projects.
Present, continued development of theory, lecturing and providing workshops around the country…
Late 2008 initial beginnings of TSR Agristruction
Early 2009 incorporate TSR Agristruction and hire manager
Mid 2009 First Agristruction projects (need better term) 2 projects total 1.25 acre
5 additional Agristruction projects 4.5 acres total farmed area 5.75 acres
5 additional Agristruction projects on the drawing board from Green house construction to 600 acres
new 1600 acre Agriburbia design project Oaho Hawaii
new 140 acre Agriburbia design project Denver, CO
new 23 acre Agriburbia design project Boulder, CO