Design + Planning

Project Types
  • residential development
  • commercial development
  • mixed-use development
  • agricultural land conversion
  • irrigation/nutrient systems
  • professional developers
  • landowners
  • schools
  • institutions/businesses
  • municipal governments
  • golf courses

Successfully converting underutilized land to prime farmland takes a focused effort. When this process becomes part of a larger, well-organized business endeavor, efficiencies are obtained that may not previously have been possible. When design frameworks such as new urbanism and universal accessibility are combined with USDA and FDA regulatory guidelines, the result is standardized, professional and insurable.


  • pre-project analysis
  • professional landscape architectural drawing
  • detailed list of capital improvements & initial investment
  • water-use strategy and estimates
  • free site evaluation



  • managed implementation
  • land preparation (soil ammendments & grading)
  • irrigation and controller installation
Denver, Colorado
Table Mountain Farm
Golden, Colorado
Midtown, a 110-acre new home development, sits 10 minutes North of downtown Denver. Its unique position within the Denver metropolitan area allows easy access to many cultural venues, community engagement opportunities and sustainable transportation options.
Table Mountain Farm was originally  developed and operated by Agriburbia owners, Quint and Jenny Redmond. It continues to operate as a hightly productive example of the Agriburbia model, providing fresh produce, agricultural education, and social engagement opportunities to a highly local community. The property has acted as a site for experimentation - pushing the envelope and developing alternative approaches to crop management, labor balance, sustainability and small-scale efficiency.
At the heart of this new development lies a highly intensive urban agriculture installation. Produce grown in this area is available to crop-share members in the surrounding neighborhoods and provides a platform for both youth and adult food education.

Integration of the construction process into the Agriburbia model allows for control, precision, and a final result that is beyond satisfactory. 

Whether or not Agriburbia is acting as primary developer, co-developer or consulting advisor, our skills in site design, construction and agricultural preparation as well as general development can ensure a clean and high quality development process. 

Chickahominy Falls
Hanover County, Virginia
Chickahominy Falls sits on 150 acres just North of Richmond, Virginia. When completed, it will be the first development of its type in the greater Richmond area, combining a working farm with the immediatly adjacent development through a managed CSA structure.
Agricultural land will be as much a part of the development as the 300-400 homes that are planned - allowing young and old alike to become and remain productive members of a larger community.

Other Design & Development Projects

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C.A.L.F. (Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation)  Denver, CO
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