Agriburbia Development

The combination of a high-quality sustainable built environment and well managed agricultural installations creates a powerful synergy. The Agriburbia Development model brings the land and its inhabitants into conversation - allowing each to benefit from the newly established relationship.

Xishan Island Agricultural Resort
Tai Hu Lake - Suzhou, China

Xishan Island Agricultural Resort is a new standard for agricultural tourism in China. Through an intentional focus on developing harmony in the landscape, it brings together young and old, past and future, food, recreation, and community. 

Throughout the majority of the property, small to medium sized agricultural fields (1 to 10 acres) provide a wide range of fruits, herbs, nuts, and vegetables; kumquats, limes, raspberries, avocados, wine grapes, hops, peppermint, leeks, lemon grass, garlic, beets, lettuce, and many more. Dwellings and community structures on the property work to seamlessly integrate this food production with the lives of their inhabitants. Dining, culinary education, recreation and event spaces provide an outlet for each type of agricultural production, while excess production finds its market in local and regional surroundings, bringing long-term value to the resort.

Adams Crossing
Brighton, Colorado

Adams Crossing, which originated in 2009, will ultimately span 780 acres while providing 2500 multifamily and 750 single family homes. The City of Brighton, home to the Adams Crossing property, has committed to making this innovative development a possibility. The properties design has been made fully compatible with the expected expansion of Denver's lightrail system and DEN Airport and will host a balanced mix of retail, commercial, residential and recreational spaces (including over 100 acres of dedicated open space).

In addition to Agriburbia methodologies, the development will utilize LID (low impact development), complete streets and district geothermal. Through a synthesis of open space allowances, water detention strategies and agricultural cultivation, Adams Crossing will host a unique system of agricultural community integration. Farm plots will be operated independently, providing stable career paths for aspiring farmers, enriching natural engagement for Adams Crossing community members, and hyper-local food sources for surrounding populations.


Our full array of development services includes pro-forma development, capital identification and formation, financial planning, and integration of resilient practies. We specialize, on a case-by-case basis, in the integration of many productive elements; agriculture, sustainable land management, geothermal and solar energy sourcing, and other high-return solutions. We leverage a network well-versed in agricultural real estate investment trusts (AGREIT), tax increment financing (TIF), as well as USDA, FDA, state and municipal land-use regulations.

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