Paid Maintenance

If your situation is such that you can directly use or distribute what is produced on your land, we will develop a multi-season, multi-year, and multi-revenue rotational planting plan to suit your needs. This leads to much higher quality produce and value-added products for the expenditure. This approach is ideal for institutions such as schools and churches. It can also work very well for owners looking to create value-added products (salsas, pickled goods, spreads, etc.) on their own property. 

For intensive agriculture and its integration to be successful, labor, infrastructure, management and experience are required. Agriburbia can greatly simplify the process of generating value on your land. Having established and managed many productive landscapes over the years, Agriburbia is able to streamline the regulatory processes set forth by entities such as the USDA, FDA, NRCS, and state and local governments. With these otherwise daunting obstacles out of the way, Agriburbia is able to focus on integrating resource analytics, technology, and resiliency into our operations. We provide an abundance of calorie-dense food through an economically and environmentally sensible model that works to empower and strengthen land owners and their surrounding communities. 

Operational Scenarios

Sharecropping/Land Lease

If you are interested in the revenue that can be generated on your land and water but not in consuming or using the produce directly, we will leverage our existing consumer-direct supply chains. Based on the results of agricultural feasibility work and agricultural masterplanning (see Agriburbia Design+Build, LLC), we can negotiate an annual agreement mututally beneficial to all three parties; the land owner, Agriburbia, and the consumer.
City, O'City + Watercourse Restaurant
Denver, Colorado
Table Mountain Farm has been operated by Agriburbia owners, Quint and Jenny Redmond, for over a decade. It stands as a highly productive example of the Agriburbia model, providing fresh produce, agricultural education, and social engagement opportunities to a highly local community. The property, once established as a successful operation, has acted as a site for experimentation - pushing the envelope and developing alternative approaches to crop management, labor balance, sustainability and small-scale efficiency.
Denver, Colorado

Other Operations Projects

C.A.L.F. (Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation)  Castle Rock, CO
Smith Residence Niwot, CO
Griffes Residence Greenwood Village, CO
Watercourse Foods Denver, CO
City, O'City Denver, CO
Denver Public School System Denver, CO
Mad Greens Direct Farm Denver, CO
Agriburbia works to provide contracted food production for City, O'City and the Watercourse Restuarant, two premiere vegetarian-friendly establishments in Denver, CO. The majority of production has taken place at Table Mountain Farm in Golden, CO.
Midtown, a 110-acre new home development, sits 10 minutes North of downtown Denver. Its unique position within the Denver metropolitan area allows easy access to many cultural venues, community engagement opportunities and sustainable transportation options.
At the heart of this new development lies a highly intensive urban agriculture installation. Produce grown in this area is available to crop-share members in the surrounding neighborhoods and provides a platform for both youth and adult food education.